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Musings : 5 Aug 2021

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Gawd am I homesick!!

It always hits me this time of year. Seeing all the fields turn to gold, yellow, and deep green.

At my childhood home in Cloverdale, we have the field behind the house that the local big wheeler farmer works. Each year it can change: yellow for canola, gold for wheat or oats, and my favourite, the blue flowers of flax. For a while, it looks like the land-locked log house is lake front property. Sometimes it has corn, but I have to agree with my brother, Matt, that it looks perfect for a gruesome, farm in the middle of nowhere, axe murder movie. It’s not a favourite.

And it’s flat where I grew up. Like I said in an earlier blog, trees are there for a purpose, to block the wind.

As it says in one of my favourite books, ‘If you’re not from The Prairies, you don’t know wind’ . But it is that wind that sweeps across the blue flax flowers to give our ‘lake’ its waves.

On Neil’s inaugural visit to the homestead, (yes the same Dad &