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    Sue Whitling's

     Uniqi Story




As a cycle instructor I can spend hours on a bike and the likelihood of chaffing is inevitable!  There are various chamois creams on the market but I wanted something that was natural that would last.  


I spoke to Niki and asked her if she could possibly stir something up in her cauldron and



Beaver Balm was born!


Not only does this stop chaffing or soreness but it has also helped heal sweat rash under my bra.


My son, who is an arborist, wears chainsaw trousers and harness and this has been truly magical to help save his thighs from the summer heat.

I recommend it to all my clients who run, cycle and need the added protection.

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Sue Whitling

Owner & Operator of



ISOGENIX Distributor

Crick, UK


It's sensitive issue for sensitive areas. No one really wants to talk about sweaty thighs or armpits or the inevitable stinging rash that comes with it, especially on hot days. Well, no reason to suffer in silence. This baby powder scented balm helps keep those unmentionable parts flowing smoothly.

*Aids in anti chaffing in sensitive areas with runners, cyclists and those with physical jobs

*note: this product contains Lanolin.

I met Sue through a desire to find a cycle spin class to jump start my fitness regime.

Sue sold me on the dance style of the SWEAT Cycle class  and I was hooked!

I was so pleased when she asked me to formulate a natural anti-chaffing balm and I couldn't believe I didn't think of it before!

Those hot, summer days when walking in shorts, cycling, or for long distance runners, this is an all natural way to combat that stinging, painful rash and puts a damper on any activity.

Thanks for sharing, Sue (and with just enough information        )

With Brightness & Light (as well as gliding through life!)


Speaking of embarrassing issues, most athletes suffer from athlete's foot and to be honest, alot of those chemical-based products on the market can just make it worse.

Using essential oils. and natural powders, this balm helps balance the moisture between your tootsies and helps heal with it's antiseptic properties.

* note this product contains Lanolin

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