So you’ve bought a shampoo bar.. ..That’s Great! I’m hearing it more and more as they are gaining popularity, “Yeah, I bought one but it doesn’t work correctly. I get a waxy finish and I can’t get it out!”

Well I’m here to tell you that of course not all shampoo bars are created equal. That is the nature of all natural products. However, I wouldn’t dish your bar just yet. Let me explain.....

We have been used to using a shampoo that have substances in them called sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. The reason sodium lauryl sulfate is used in soaps and shampoo is because it is an inexpensive detergent and it makes substances lather. This makes it for a quick, easy convenient way of getting lots of bubbles which incidently the beauty industry has told you is luxury. It is also the way to wash out the product faster.

I’ll try to illustrate this for you....

If I were to take a bar of soap of any kind and drag it across a table top, if would leave in its wake a film of waxy residue. For us to get that off, we need to take a cloth and rub at it and add water to it until it turns into bubbles that wash away with a greater amount of water. Otherwise, we are there with a knife or other scraping utensil scraping it off the table. The same works for our hair. Because most natural soap bars (I can’t speak for all) use SLS-Free, including myself, we as users, have to put the work in.

Here’s how:

Start with soap in your hands with a bit of water to create a lather

Once we have a lather going on, we can transfer that to our head

With both hands and in circles around the hair, keep adding small amounts of water to add to the lather

and just when you are about to give up, keep going! That’s just your self-prescribed time frame for hair washing kicking in! This is YOU (or Uniqi 😏) time, so saveur It!

Once you have a good load of bubbles, massage it through the hair like you would any other shampoo product.

Wash it out

So your hair is going to be squeaky clean, probably cleaner than you’ve ever have had before! You will need to condition it as each hair shaft has now sprouted little spurs due to the positive ions. This is your hair cuticles opening up. To smooth them down you need to apply negative ions which is your conditioner and can be found in some hair driers.

Crazily enough, Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural product that can do this and is the base ingredient for my leave-in spray conditioner. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical thinking I would be walking around smelling like a chip van, but found as the hair dries or it is dried, the vinegar smell goes away! Happy Days!

Well I hope I have helped you a bit further on your quest for a natural choice towards your hair care products and love that you are trying! It does take a bit more thought and a bit more time but when you think that in the long run it’s for you, your family and even in a small bit, for future generations, I think you’ll agree it’s worth it!

Blessed Be

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My love affair with Uniqi began even before the first time Niki invited me to her soap ‘kitchen’, but it wasn’t until then I appreciated just how much love and magic goes into her creations.

Niki has an innate sense of perception when it comes to what fragrances and essences work for her products. Hogwarts has nothing on the skill and effort that goes into creating her lotions and potions.

I took on the role of commis chef/assistant quite by accident and of course the biggest perk (apart from the constant laughter) is getting to try out the results of our labour. I’d mentioned to Niki often the problems relating to having fibromyalgia including difficulty sleeping and the dreaded restless legs.

For anyone who is unsure if they have ever experienced the latter -think armies of ants constantly marching up your shins, the uncontrollable need to kick out , shuffle and twitch, the feeling like every single nerve end is cramping ... well that’s what mines like anyway!

Niki suggested I try the magnesium butter before bed and the sleep spray on my pillow. I was already taking magnesium supplements but was happy to try.


I have never looked back, this was nearly a year ago and I have used the cream every night since I don’t go anywhere without it. My personal favourite is Blue Tansy it has such a beautiful calming fragrance though I also love the be Ginger-smelling Motion Potion especially if joints and muscles are giving me problems. I have recommended it to so many friends family and customers they think I own shares!

My son loved it for his aching legs after walking Hadrian’s Wall and I now use twice as much as my husbands a convert due to his own restless legs when he sleeps, which means less bruises for me thank goodness!

I love all of Uniqi's productions. I’m never without one of the gorgeous soaps being used daily in the bathroom but I really couldn’t imagine life without magnesium!

Nicki has been a great friend from our chance meeting at the local school bus stop, found out we were both of the witchy persuasion and the friendship grew from there!

After my own Hadrian's Wall walk, and using a whole tin of Motion Potion Magnesium Butter to calm my aching muscles,

I thought it would be useful on Fibro sufferers as well as Raynaud's and arthritis.

Nicki was my tester and it came back with a big TWO THUMBS UP!

I hope it helps you as well!

Cheers Nicki, for your Uniqi story.

I think we know what Mr Rodehouse is getting for Yuletide this year!

With brightness & light (and calm legs!)

Niki x

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Kerry Scanlon - North Wales

My journey begins years before when my first encounter with Niki was when I met her and her husband Neil, who both had been invited to visit my sons local Judo Club.

“WOW what an amazing couple and how wonderful they were” was my first impression.

As I was actively involved with Judo myself, I became interested in how Neil promoted the sport I loved and started following (not stalking honest) them both on Facebook.

One day while browsing Facebook up pops Niki and a display of lovely homemade soaps all made from natural products. I had tried lots of products in the past and none of them was suitable for me and were being mass produced which lost the effect of what they were all about. So I contacted Niki for more information. She showed a genuine interested in my personal health and wellbeing and that the products were made with the individual person in mind, as well an overall outlook for everyone’s use.

After discussing my health and wellbeing and also my likes and dislikes with Niki, I then trusted her with my first order of soaps. While I waited for my soaps to arrive I began to get nervously excited as to what to expect. Well, finally the day arrived and Niki had not disappointed me, as I opened up the parcel, the smell of the soaps was truly heavenly, but now the testing began to see if they would truly help me.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to hide things, your body is always willing to find ways to show your age, and at this time I was going through some very stressful times which had caused my eczema to flare up again so I was feeling just a bit rundown. Apart from the natural scents, etc. included in the soaps, overall I asked myself, were they going to help me?

I can now truly say yes they did!

So I began my journey and after about a month of using the soaps, I could genuinely say I had started to feel a good change in my complexion and that my eczema was slowly improving.

After all, change doesn’t always happen overnight. I found that the different smells helped me to become quite calm and relaxed within myself.

I thought, "Niki, you’ve exceeded yourself, these soaps are out of this world and I enjoy using them, mindful of just how much they were helping me. Order number 2 was on its way!

I have ordered many items from Uniqi Productions for my family and friends and they always enjoy using the products and are amazed on how good they are when they have used them. My sons have started to become interested now, as “mum” has been looking and feeling so much better than before. So what does mum do? I buy them some products to try for themselves. Birthdays, Christmas presents etc. here I go.

My youngest son has gone vegan and when I asked Niki if I could order some items for him, it was no problem for her. My sons now enjoy using the spellbound soaps, shampoo and conditioner, and body moisturiser products. The shampoo and conditioner has been a big hit with our family wanting to go Zero Waste and more eco-friendly.

My hair is long and I have a particular favourite with the shampoo soap and bottled conditioner. Before I started using them my hair was very fine and looking very lifeless, now “wow” what a change, my hair is looking much more fuller and healthy and more importantly feels better, oh and forget to say my hair colour is looking so good too. You have to give it at least a month to see a good improvement but now I only need to wash my hair at least once a week instead of the every other day routine.

With the confidence I have achieved with Niki’s support and using her products I have since joined a fitness class called “unicorn fitness” based in North Wales and this was to help get my body toned up and back into shape. After I have had a good fun work out session at the classes I attend, I will come home and enjoy a nice shower (or bath) and use my choice of soap, and then afterwards I will treat my body with my moisturiser before chilling out.

I can highly recommend Niki’s products and although I have not got around to testing all of them as yet, I can proudly say they have done me and my family and also my friends the world of good towards a healthy life and also a healthy choice of living. With Niki’s support in using healthy products and my instructor’s support at fitness class, I can definitely say I have flourished. I’m now proud to say I’m in my late 50’s and loving my life once again.

Many thanks to Niki and her Uniqi Productions

Thank YOU Kerry!

I love the shampoo and conditioner as well and haven't looked back since using it. Paired with the Uniqi Hair Ritual Finishing Perfume, my curls are well tamed, yet full of life. Doesn't hurt that these are Vegan-friendly products as well as a favourite with the zero waste community.

If you haven't heard already, Uniqi has an Eco Promise which means you can refill your container and get £1 off each qualifying product in your order.

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