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Musings 19.March.2023

OMG! It's a rat!!

I share with my mom the absolute paralysing fear of rats and with her add to that list mice. Me, it's bats. I do not do rats or bats.

I still regard The Secret of Nimh as the real deal. 🥴

"Kids get behind me!"

Mom urgently ushered us into the living room of our double wide mobile home, standing guard at the 'door' between the living room/dining room/study/kitchen armed with the avacado coloured broom.

The broom handle and bristles matched the shag pile carpet in the living room, which also incidentally, matched the bathroom suite - *sigh* you gotta love the 70's for its decor. I hear whispers of a revival?... I digress....

It was a hot summer's day and we had just returned from having coffee at a friend of my mom's where the visit was as much to catch up, as to get out of the heat box.

Then, even though the homestead is situated in 'downtown' Cloverdale - the crossroads of the 2 major roads into