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Musings : 11 June 2021

I love Oak Trees.

I don’t know how I got there to be honest.

Here in the UK, people would instantly understand as here they truly are the ‘mighty’ oak.

In Manitoba, where I grew up near Selkirk, trees were planted for a purpose: as a wind break, as protection from the strong winds that tore over the flat fields. Or by chance, a seed caught in that wind, and against the odds, made it through to maturity. As a result, our oaks are really quite modest compared to the UK, but damn are they hardy!

Reflecting now, I think it comes from one of my earliest memories.

We have possibly the smallest, oldest oak tree in all of Manitoba to the side of my parent’s house on the farm. And for those who don’t know, my parents built a log house.

Not from Oak. I want to say Elm, but I can’t be sure.