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Musings : 18 June 2021

I married my sister.

Actually I officiated her marriage to her husband, Jeremy on our family farm. I was so very nervous - that centre stage thing again - it was beautiful, poignant, natural and I loved every minute of it. And I’m pleased to say I’ve done 2 unions since and a naming ceremony. Thrilling!

On the morning walk, in Flore, I passed the incredible garden of the second wedding. I remember every detail. It was gorgeous: two tall tipis, holding court to a babbling brook soothing its way past. The flower-laden arbour facing straw bale seating matched the natural foliage surrounding the garden, and there was a soft rain.

Scrreech, whoa wait… rain?

What bride hopes for rain? For an outdoor wedding?

Well this bride was no different, and at the rehearsal was pretty upset about the intended weather. And I did something pretty silly… I promised her it would stop.

To quiet her waterworks, I promised to turn off Mother Na