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Musings : 12 June 2021

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I’m a Leo. It’s a fire sign.

If you know me, it’s not too difficult to believe. (I know…understatement of the year 😏)

In terms of identity, it’s rather spot on.

Neil is a Libra, an air sign.

We have a loving, committed, passionate relationship that according to the stars is a match made in heaven: “Leo and Libra is a powerful match, you each bring out the best in each other.” Simply put, he fans my fire 🔥

I find myself needing to be around water a lot as I get older, which is strange as I had a fairly serious water incident when I was 5/6.

Another very early memory of bobbing in the shallow end of a cousin’s pool, when suddenly I hit the slippery, curvy bit that takes the bottom down into the deep end. Slipping down the slope, I found myself looking up at everyone’s feet.

Funny enough I remember not being scared. I felt really peaceful.

I don’t know how long I sat on the bottom, but I remember taking it all in.

There was a whoosh of water, arms snatched around my waist, and I was propelled to the surface.

There was my older cousin, Kirby, fully clothed, asking me if I was ok? I took my first breath in what must have been awhile, sputtered, blinked and calmly said, ‘yes, thank you.’

It must have had an affect on me as I love being on the water, not so much in it.

I went to my first guided meditation last night with @lemonkind_mindfulness and Sarah was great. The main notion that kept coming to me was ‘grounding’. Her words invited us to feel each point of our bodies touching the ground and to fall into it.

This gets me thinking of my favourite place when I’m feeling overwhelmed: the kitchen floor - sometimes the bathroom floor - depends if I want to be alone or not. Many times the girls will walk in to me sitting on the floor, by the stove, back against the counters, looking up.

‘Mum, what are you doing?!’

‘Nothing,’ I say, ‘just for a minute, nothing.’

It occurs to me that by sitting on the floor, it makes everything bigger and my overwhelm gets stifled by things being bigger than me, just until I can catch my breath. I wonder if this is how Alice felt? 🤔

It’s an observation I’ve found with Neil, again, an air sign.

I used to run around getting the house in order before picking him up from the airport. He’s a neat-freak, love him.

The first thing he would do when he got into the house was grab the broom and sweep what I had just swept not 25 minutes before. Then wash the one coffee mug I had left before running out the door.

To say it royally p***ed me off is another understatement.

Then I realised, it’s his way of coming home, his way of reconnecting to his surrounding, it’s his way of grounding.

Fine by me.

The job is allll his now.

My point is that the universe has given us pieces towards our identity, certain traits and a natural way of coping, or rather balancing.

🔥Fire signs- look to the water and earth to cool you off from time to time

🌬Air signs- make the best gardeners and need hands in the dirt to rebalance

🌊Water signs - find your fire, swirling in emotion can make you dizzy. Fire will bring you focus

🌎Earth - burn the rule book and dance like waves.

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