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Angela Algate's Uniqi Story

Blue Tansy & Magnesium Body Butter Changed My Life!

Angela is a massage therapist, Mum of 2 boys and Angel Reike healer in Crick, Northants

As a massage therapist I asked Niki for products I can use in my treatments. Later that week Niki knocked my door handed me a small tin (that changed my life!) she said it was Blue Tansy and Magnesium Body Butter, a new product that she was testing.

Later that night my youngest was hyper, as usual, I gave him his bath, put him to bed, and decided to try and calm him with a foot rub as this sometimes works. I used a pea sized amount of Uniqi's body butter and worked it into his feet. Within 20 minutes he had calmed. I said good night and went about my evening.

As I went to bed, I checked him and he was fast asleep. I woke in the early hours and checked on him again as usually he would of been up after a couple of hours sleep. I found it strange that he hadn't woke me. I checked and he was still sound asleep.          With a silent prayer I went back to bed and woke just before 5am knowing he would be awake at this time. I went down and made a coffee, sat in the quiet thinking how odd this was, lovely...but odd.

6am came and I checked on him as he hadn't yet come down.      He was still fast asleep! My boy is 9 years old and has NEVER slept all the way through the night. I went back downstairs amazed and continued to potter around.

Just before 7am I heard him get up and go to my room. I quickly went up to him so he didn't panic, not seeing me there as per our usual routine. He gave me a big smile and said, "Good morning, Mum!".

I couldn't believe he had slept the whole night! So, that night I did the same thing: pea sized amount rubbed into his feet and we have not looked back since. He has slept through the night since that first application and I used it on him every night for one week. Now we don't have to use it for him to sleep but I do use it on him when he gets worked up and needs to calm.

My older son also suffers with anxiety he won't use it on his feet as he hates his feet being touched but he will use it on his hands and arms, and again it calms and relaxes him quickly. This product is pure GOLD in my home, and is also used in my therapy room.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you  Niki & Uniqi xxx

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