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Body Butter that saved my husband's legs...and Mine! Nicki Rodhouse's Uniqi Story

My love affair with Uniqi began even before the first time Niki invited me to her soap ‘kitchen’, but it wasn’t until then I appreciated just how much love and magic goes into her creations.

Niki has an innate sense of perception when it comes to what fragrances and essences work for her products. Hogwarts has nothing on the skill and effort that goes into creating her lotions and potions.

I took on the role of commis chef/assistant quite by accident and of course the biggest perk (apart from the constant laughter) is getting to try out the results of our labour. I’d mentioned to Niki often the problems relating to having fibromyalgia including difficulty sleeping and the dreaded restless legs.

For anyone who is unsure if they have ever experienced the latter -think armies of ants constantly marching up your shins, the uncontrollable need to kick out , shuffle and twitch, the feeling like every single nerve end is cramping ... well that’s what mines like anyway!

Niki suggested I try the magnesium butter before bed and the sleep spray on my pillow. I was already taking magnesium supplements but was happy to try.


I have never looked back, this was nearly a year ago and I have used the cream every night since I don’t go anywhere without it. My personal favourite is Blue Tansy it has such a beautiful calming fragrance though I also love the be Ginger-smelling Motion Potion especially if joints and muscles are giving me problems. I have recommended it to so many friends family and customers they think I own shares!

My son loved it for his aching legs after walking Hadrian’s Wall and I now use twice as much as my husbands a convert due to his own restless legs when he sleeps, which means less bruises for me thank goodness!

I love all of Uniqi's productions. I’m never without one of the gorgeous soaps being used daily in the bathroom but I really couldn’t imagine life without magnesium!



Nicki has been a great friend from our chance meeting at the local school bus stop, found out we were both of the witchy persuasion and the friendship grew from there!

After my own Hadrian's Wall walk, and using a whole tin of Motion Potion Magnesium Butter to calm my aching muscles,

I thought it would be useful on Fibro sufferers as well as Raynaud's and arthritis.

Nicki was my tester and it came back with a big TWO THUMBS UP!

I hope it helps you as well!

Cheers Nicki, for your Uniqi story.

I think we know what Mr Rodehouse is getting for Yuletide this year!

With brightness & light (and calm legs!)

Niki x

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