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This is physical wellness for 

any shape and size.

Because it is low to no impact and supported you control how hard you want to work and the intensity is all controlled by body movement and placement.

Progression is guaranteed.

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No Impact

This cardio is using the ball

for our benefit.

It is all about the pace and is easy on the knees and back.

It's so much fun you forget you're even working!

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Progressive Intensity

Increasing or decreasing

the intensity is as easy as

moving your body.

The more body we have

on the ball the less intense

the exercise will be.

Decrease the base, and this will increase the intensity as you will now have more body to push around.

So you are in complete control!

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Supported Strengthening

Using only our body weight,

the ball supports us telling our brain

"I've got this!"

The brain then lets our muscles relax and we get the full benefit of the full range of motion.

We increase the work rate by my favourite word:


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Nordic Walking

A Dynamic Way of Walking




Intro to Nordic Walking Course - 6 week course*

*or walking session if no course booked



10:30 am





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