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Spellbound soap are made with specific ingredients attributed to this day to help either manifest things into your life, or help dissolve the negativity from a situation. This is done with the help of the Moon and her phases, be it a waxing, waning, full or new moon.


Crystal Essence: Citrine

Chakra: Sacral

Colour: Orange


Attributes for a Wednesday Spellbound Soap

Waxing Moon Phase:

This is a day for the crafty!

Feeling like you need a bit of DIY in your life or the burning desire to create something, be it poetry or music, painting or handmade crafts, take on these bars of purple or orange to guide you there.

Wednesday is all about seeking wisdom, improving skills in a trade, commerce or communication.


Waning Moon Phase:

Sometime we just can't get our creative juices flowing, or we get a block of some kind. It can be a fear of failure that stops us but with this susdy spell, we help to ease that and get you back into the flow.

Wednesday Spellbound Soap *Wisdom*