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Taking care of ourselves is all about rituals and for many, shaving is a daily one. So let's make it a healthy one.

This takes us back to the old ways of lathering with a brush and helps with the exfoliation of the shaving area.


Wet the shaving brush, ringing it out of excess water.

Sprinkle water into the soap tin.

In a circular motion around the tin, press the brush firmly into the soap creating a thick paste and then a foam. Gather the foam onto the brush and in small circular movements coat the shaving area with the lather, covering the area until the hairs are soft.

You are now ready to shave!

Avoid contact with eyes



Goat’s milk soap base, glycerine, Shea butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E, castor oil, rapeseed oil, Clove essential oil, scent


*Non goat's milk is available for our Vegan friends

Shaving Soap

Chakra Crystal Essence
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