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Spellbound soap are made with specific ingredients attributed to this day to help either manifest things into your life, or help dissolve the negativity from a situation. This is done with the help of the Moon and her phases, be it a waxing, waning, full or new moon.


Crystal Essence: Obsidan

Chakra: Third Eye 

Colour: Indigo


Attributes for a Monday Spellbound Soap

Have you ever woken up and can't shake that dream, like it's almost a message trying to get through the static? It could be your subconscious trying to break through to give you that all imprtant message you need to make that all important decision.


Waxing Moon Phase:

Monday's soap can help with intuition, psychic abilities, guiding emotions and reading dreams. On the feminine side, it helps with women's mysteries and fertility.


Waning Moon Phase:

To help clear the vision to clarify dreams and get rid of pre-existing presumptions that may serve as obstacles to seeing the true picture.

Monday Spellbound Soap *Intuition*

  • As these are personal use items, and use natural ingredirents, there are no returns, however, we endeavour to always have satisfied customers.


    Please always send us a note to let us know what has happened and we will do our best to make it extra special for next time.