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Don't get too excited! This isn't a 50 Shades of Grey thing here.... :) 
Soy wax does melt at a much lower temperature than normal wax, therefore when it is poured on the skin, it is only warm not burning hot. 
Pair this with the moisturizing elements of shea butter, castor and coconut oil, you have a wonderful warmed up massage oil or moisturising cream, freshly scented. 

Just light the wick, wait for it to melt a bit, and pour it straight onto your skin.

So, what you do with it now, it completely up to you....I'll let you use your imagination!

 *Just a wee note.... these are not room frangrance candles, so the 'throw' of the scent is not strong as they are soy based. 

It is for body use. 95ml

Massage Pouring Candles (Soy)

£15.00 Regular Price
£3.75Sale Price
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