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Musings : 9 July 2021

Who doesn’t love a good castle?

But what drew me to this particular one is the tree in the middle of the courtyard.

A Yew tree with a spiral for a trunk.

Why is it like this?

Lady Anne Clifford planted it after the 1645 Civil War.


I mean WOW! 1645?!

It is the tree to signify death and regeneration. The branches as they touch the ground can root themselves and become their own trunks.

You’ll see Yew trees in every English graveyard portraying this significance.

So many parallels to Life here as we stand beneath her branches:





Reaching higher while stabilising - rooting ourselves at our base. This tree is said to be planted on lay lines and that’s why it is twisting. Others say it is in search of water, adapting to its surroundings in order to live fully.

This tree symbolises this mini adventure for me. After reaching for the sky for so long, my branches are droopy, tired but as soon as they touch the ground and stabilise again, they create a new tree, regenerating and starting anew.

Its focus on symmetry and adaptation is inspirational to me as is the solid roots of nearly 400 yrs and the castle walls of over 900 years.

It’s starts me thinking of my Legacy.

What do I want to be remembered for?

What mark do I want to leave?

Stay tuned as I muse this over a bit more 🤗

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