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Musings : 8 June 2021

I had forgotten.

Actually I hadn’t forgotten, it was just one of those happy childhood memories that you think you’ll never recapture, so don’t even try.

Today’s sounds and views were much different than yesterday’s reservoir. More farm than lake and the crows!


Is it just me or are the crows extra noisy and ‘murderous’ this year? Their noisy congregation seems to be following me. But I digress….

This morning reminded me of my little girl days on the farm in Manitoba when I would wake early to get my ‘job’ done. I had taken it upon myself to be the bovine manager and would take myself out to the back paddock as the sun rose to walk amongst the great beasts to see how they fared. It was also calving time, so my reports of number of new calves I’m sure was of a great help to my dad when I returned each m