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Intention - Strength you never knew you had

I get it a lot when I say I'm a witch.


People repeat the word, witch, on their lips, in a whisper, wide eyed, almost as a question. Oh and the head tilt, let's not forget the head tilt. Let me translate.... it's body language for, "Really?"

In fact, even my voice tends to hiccup a bit when I tell it, which I shouldn't do because it just makes people ask me again....'You're a what?"

Then the inevitable...."Are you a good...erm...white witch? Or are you a baaaad witch?" Second sentence also in a whisper as if they are calling on the dark side with the mention of it.

But you see that's just it. Without knowing it people are tuned into their intention: by speaking of the dark side, this will indeed conjure it! So there is a small belief in that, however subconscious. And with Belief comes Power. And I wonder, why do we deny ourselves this power?

(I'm a whi