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Intention - Strength you never knew you had

I get it a lot when I say I'm a witch.


People repeat the word, witch, on their lips, in a whisper, wide eyed, almost as a question. Oh and the head tilt, let's not forget the head tilt. Let me translate.... it's body language for, "Really?"

In fact, even my voice tends to hiccup a bit when I tell it, which I shouldn't do because it just makes people ask me again....'You're a what?"

Then the inevitable...."Are you a good...erm...white witch? Or are you a baaaad witch?" Second sentence also in a whisper as if they are calling on the dark side with the mention of it.

But you see that's just it. Without knowing it people are tuned into their intention: by speaking of the dark side, this will indeed conjure it! So there is a small belief in that, however subconscious. And with Belief comes Power. And I wonder, why do we deny ourselves this power?

(I'm a white witch btw....thought I better clarify)

Where Spirituality Collides! (Photo credit: Witchy

I do it when I hiccup on the word, Witch, when telling someone what is quickly turning into my occupation, not only my spirituality. Why hiccup? I guess I'm not totally ready to scream it from the rooftops and mostly I don't have complete faith in being taken seriously by others (remember the head tilt 🤔).

It's what I call, my "'Cork', or my sticking point. On this side of the cork, bottled up is all my belief, stopped by a cork. The cork is Intention. I need to unstick my intention and let my belief flow out and with that flow comes my power to be. I also have to trust that people will get it and flow with me.

Now intention is a double edge sword and should be wielded with care as it does hold power, both for good, and well...not so good. This intention needs to be directed and this is what I love about Witchcraft. In essence, a spell is a map. It is a storyboard, an outline, a table of contents that keeps Intention on track. It is also why we have the Witches Creed that states any harm doing will come back on us 3 fold. So it's nothing to mess about with. However, when directed, Intention can manifest wonderful things in our lives, and this is magic!

You see anyone can possess magic, in fact everyone does! It's whether we decide to use it or not, and it mostly starts with believing in ourselves that by doing certain things, with certain attitudes and belief, we can manifest it. This is the Secret (where have we heard that before? 😏) Sounds easy, but it's not. Otherwise, I think we would find ourselves, wholly, in a much better place.

My map is found in my spellbound soaps which have helped develop me more as a spiritual being. I think of a spell for each day's attributes. They include the phase of the moon and I fashion words to live by for the day and hopefully manifest into my life every time I repeat it, in the bath or my shower. For example: Sunday represents success in personal goals, be it health, wealth, job interview, sporting competition etc and I will use the colour yellow or gold, the colour attributed to the day Sunday, to form my path, my direction, my intention...

Here's one Sunday Spell created on a New Moon:

New Moon rising, today’s the day

New Moon means change is on its way.

Marigold for soothing

Rosemary to clean

Rosemary for protection

Cinnamon to glean.

Spice is nice and calls for wealth

Flowers are power and aid in health.

With these bubbles, bring to me,

Wealth, health & creativity.

With the abundance of all,

and harm to none,

So mote it be, let it be done.

A New Moon brings changes making this soap jammed packed full of celestial power.

Add in your Intention to bring it about and WHAMMO! you're on to a winning combination. I have to say I'm pretty blessed to have a business where I can funnel my creativity in such a helpful way and in a way to connect with people on a whole other level, helping them see their own potential.

My soaps are magic, mostly because you are, I just lead you there. Think of it as life coaching...with a pointy hat! 🧙🏻‍♀️

Blessed Be x

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